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Hey you guys.  I’m at my dad’s house in Connecticut today because it’s the day after Father’s Day and I have a flexible schedule so we’re celebrating Father’s Day today, kind of.  Slash it’s also sort of Bring Your Daughter To Work Day because my dad works from home and I work from home so I’m sitting on the couch in his basement while he does sales things (whatever that is) and I do research and write in my blog and answer emails.  Bring Your Daughter To The Home Office In Your Basement Day.

My dad has a pool but the guys were just here this morning to vacuum it out so it’s still pretty green I guess.  But it’s sunny out and I want to go swimming.  So let’s talk about swimming you guys!  Also, on a related note, tomorrow is the summer solstice.  Is it?  Tomorrow?  Let me check.  Google confirms it.  Tomorrow is the Official First Day Of Summer.  Don’t you want to go swimming with me, everybody?!  Now, for your workday day-dreaming pleasure, a list of the best places I have ever been swimming.

1. Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  My family has a cottage in OOB and I love it there even though it is the Jersey shore of Maine.  Perhaps BECAUSE it is the Jersey shore of Maine.  Swimming in OOB requires a certain kind of disposition.  You have to commit.  None of this “I’ll go in if it’s not too cold” business.  It will probably be too cold but you have to go in anyway.  There are SUCH WAVES in Old Orchard Beach.  Super fun, smack you on your ass waves.  And some days when  you put your head under water you get a brain freeze.

2. Walden Pond, Concord, Massachusetts.  So pretty.  So historical.  Crystal clear water.  Close to my apartment.

3. Rendezvous Bay, Antigua.  I went here in 2008.  We had to hike about 45 minutes to get there because you can’t reach it by car.  Some people came in boats.  At one point, the boats left and my family left and it was just me and Billy floating in the ocean at an empty beach.  Magical!  You guys it was so magical.  Look at the water!


In conclusion, let’s go swimming you guys.  Who’s with me?  I’ll bring the sunscreen.  I don’t want you to get skin cancer.

What are the best places you’ve gone swimming?!



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Old People: Way More Upsetting In Real Life

My friend Anna and I discovered recently that we both justify our own actions and circumstances by comparing our lives to the lives of fictional television and movie characters.  Anna uses How I Met Your Mother and I, most recently, have been using My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  You know how there’s that batty old grandmother character who comes to live with them?  She dresses like a nun kind of.  And she thinks the Turks are after her.  And in that movie it’s funny.  What is less funny is when my own grandfather sends me a Christmas card and signs it “Uncle Vic and Aunt Sally” where it should say Dziadzi (Polish for Grandpa) and Nana.  Not that it’s a huge deal.  You know, people get old, they forget stuff, it’s the way the world works.  But in My Big Fat Greek Wedding nobody seems to be bothered that Grandma is running off and turning up in the neighbor’s garden shouting about Turks.  It’s just funny.  There’s not much funny about it in real life.  Although when I saw him he seemed to remember me quite well.  But he’s going through a rough time.  His sister just died.  When he found that out he went for a walk and slipped on some ice and broke his foot in two places.  Merry Christmas!  It’s always something.  But it does make me feel better to think of what a long and relatively happy life he’s had up to this point.  This is what happens to people.  It’s a part of living.

Christmas was a whirlwind this year.  I’m shocked we made it.  Aside from a few small meltdowns (mostly related to traffic) Billy and I managed not to lose our minds.  And now we’re one day away from The Big Trip To Antigua.  It’s my college graduation present from my mom.  She’s flying all of us out there and she got us hotel rooms and a dinner reservation for New Year’s Eve.  It will be nice to get out of Boston.

Now I must prepare myself mentally and emotionally for dropping Oscar off at our friend’s house for the week that we are away.  Getting him into the cat carrier should be awesome.

Also, I’m reading Twilight and it is destroying my will to do anything else.  This book is crack-cocaine in book form.  I began to understand Billy a bit better when he explained to me that the way I feel about this book is the way he feels about all video games all the time.  I had no idea.  That poor boy.  It must be agony.


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