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A Good Use Of Time

Billy:  I just wrote Desert Essence an email.

Me:  Do your work, Billy!

Billy:  Telling them that I really like the formula for their new jojoba shampoo.

Billy:  It’s fantastic.

Me:  Stop writing emails to organic shampoo companies.

Billy:  That’s what I think every time I’m in the shower now.

Billy:  I am like



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Dramatists Guild Conference Recap

Heyyy!  My friend and fellow playwright Anna Pattison asked me to write a guest blog about the Dramatists Guild Conference I went to last weekend and here it is!

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Billy:  Maybe he should run for President!  I mean, can you think of anything Justin Timberlake has done that he hasn’t been amazing at?

Me:  Having slightly longer hair.

Billy:  Yeah, true.

Me:  I’m not sure if America is ready for a curly-headed President.

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I saw a Mercedes on the highway with a license plate that said “MENSA” and a bumper sticker that said “Trump 2012” and I gave that car the finger harder than I’ve ever given anything the finger before.

What a DICK!


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Sorry Sorry Sorry

Hey you guys!  I’m still here!  I’ve been really busy with writing group, book club, finishing up my last class for my Masters, volunteering, and running almost daily.  Why am I doing all these things?  I… I don’t know.  I’m really tired.

A few things that are great about right now:

1. Even when it’s raining it’s not that cold.
2. Everything outside smells really great.
3. I found this awesome store in the mall called Francesca’s Collections and it’s like if you combined Forever 21 and Anthropologie.  Beautiful stuff for cheap prices.  They do not pay me to say this.  I pay them and they give me jewelry and sandals.
4. I weigh more than I used to but my parts don’t jiggle as much.  Ew.  Whatever.  It’s true.

Anyway, more to come.  I miss you guys!  Talk to you soon!

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Best Thing On The Internet Today

So true.

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He’s Very Secure In His Masculinity

One of the many reasons we’re in love:

Billy:  Also.  I love that song that goes “Girl.  Put your records on.” I know it’s like not cool.  And borders on like easy listening.

Me:  Oh it’s so good.  Just go ahead.  Let your hair down.

Billy:  But shit makes me happy.  I just bought the album on Amazon.

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