Oh hello!  My name is Emily Kaye Lazzaro and I am a playwright.  I used to work in an office but I just quit my job.  I get sunburns frequently.  I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Things I like: dogs I see on the street, black holes, salt, ice skating, and NPR.

I am 26.  I married my favorite person last year.  I’m trying to be nice but still funny.  It’s a challenge.


5 responses to “About

  1. Mommy

    I like all those things too! Except I would like Oscar a lot more if he wasn’t a cat. Sorry…

  2. Marly

    I like reading your blog!!! 🙂

  3. Billy

    You really don’t like pancakes. I find it infuriating.

  4. You made me smile as I was so pleased that you said life list is cool vs Bucket List. We just moved our Company called My Life List to Boston, from California. We are based in Fan Pier, so if you are ever around would love to meet you and inspire your List. We are actually going to host a Life Listers Ball in Boston in late January. If you have time check out our site http://www.mylifelist.org, sure you will see a few things that may interest you (See My Life List top 90)

    Look forward to seeing your next list…

    Bill Starr
    CEO, My Life List

  5. Scriptor Obscura

    I have mentioned you on my blog today. Come check it out! 🙂

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