Instant Gratification: Precious

You all have this movie in your instant queue and you are just trying to find a time when you feel emotionally prepared to watch it.  I know.  I’m inside your brain.

Billy and I decided the time had come to watch Precious last Saturday afternoon.  We opened a bottle of wine and sat down in our comfy clothes and got ready to have some feelings.  I feel like I have an advantage in this respect.  Not to toot my own horn but I did go to theatre school and I am very good at having feelings.  They come, they go.  Billy, on the other hand, is new to feelings.  Precious… well, Precious broke him.  In his own words, “It killed part of my happiness.  I can’t get back to my pre-Precious life.”

Sidenote: Lenny Kravitz was in this?!  I had no idea.  They really uglied everybody up.  Oh wait, he was the hot nurses’s aide.  That’s right.  I remember.  It’s hard to ugly up Lenny Kravitz.  Dude looked good.  Everybody else did not look so good.

Back to the point, though.  I feel like I have a lot of disclaimers to make about this movie, like don’t watch it if you’re already depressed or if you’re alone or if it’s nighttime.  Those are all recommendations you should take to heart, but, honestly, the bottom line is this: this was truly an excellent movie.  It was moving in a way that didn’t feel forced (contrary to what you may expect).  It’s the story of a girl with a shitty life who imagines something better for herself and in her own small way finds a path to self-improvement.  As much as it is about abuse and neglect, it is also about independence and the power of the human spirit (ugh I’m throwing up as I write this but IT’S REALLY TRUE!).

Things that might happen as a result of watching Precious:

1. You might need a palate cleanser afterward.  Ours was How To Train Your Dragon.

2. You might get angry about the welfare system in this country.  You might get very confused about your liberal political beliefs.  You might think that having a baby should not be considered a meal ticket.  This might throw your whole belief system out of whack.

3. You might cry a little bit in bed at night.

4. You might not enjoy your palate cleanser as much after watching Precious as you might have before.  In my case, I could see nothing but triviality in How To Train Your Dragon.  Any other day I would probably have found it charming, but on Saturday I just found it… kind of idiotic.  I could tell exactly how the plot would unfold from the first scene.  Boring.  Unimaginative.  Come on, movie execs.  Get creative.  Precious did it!

In conclusion: A++.  Watch this movie with someone you love so that you can hold each other as you cry and cry.  In a good way.



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2 responses to “Instant Gratification: Precious

  1. Matthewww

    I only half watched it cause I wasn’t emotionally prepared…but elise was watching it and I was all “what’s going on here” and she was like “her dad ______ her and she is having babies” and that’s when I realized that I truly wasn’t emotionally prepared. The end

  2. Being in the right emotional state for a movie is huge. Walt’s been trying to get me to watch Chinatown for the last year and a half, but I’m never in the mood for it when he suggests it on any given weeknight.

    Oddly enough, I saw parts of Precious and Doubt at the gym, while listening to my normal workout playlist. Somehow Gaga and Britney didn’t help lighten the tone at all.

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