Things I Wish Nerds Would Shut Up About*

1. Skynet becoming self aware.

I do not understand.  I didn’t see Terminator 1 or 2 or whatever.  Or, I did but I was a child when it came out and I guess I haven’t been watching it on a weekly basis since childhood so I just don’t know what you’re talking about.  Skynet sounds like a generic cable company.  Just shut up.  Just.  Shut up.

2. Twitter.

I know that a lot of the problem with Twitter is the people who use it for PR or marketing.  And the fact that it’s something that we talk about at meetings at my office.  That’s not nerds.  That’s grownups.  Grownups should shut up about Twitter, too.  Here’s what I don’t like about the Twitter.  All the RTs and #s and @s.  Since when does a sign that I thought was meant to symbolize “number” start to mean something called “hashtag”?  Who made that up?!  Nerds, that’s who.  What gave you the right?!  I’m just too old for it all.  CAN’T ANYONE JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER ANYMORE?  Call me on my landline.

3. Battlestar Gallactica.

Fark you or whatever.  Frak?  Ugh, you guys.  Just shut up.  I’m going to watch it.  Eventually.  I’m sure I’ll like it.  But I just finished The Wire and I’m working on Big Love and that’s enough of a challenge right now.  Because once you watch The Wire and then you try to watch any other show it’s just like not good anymore.  Nothing stands up to The Wire.  Like try watching The Wire and then just watch like one episode of Lost and then come talk to me about Lost being worth anything.  It’s not.  So, I mean, fine.  I’ll watch Battlestar Gallactica but I just need the sheen to wear off The Wire a little bit.  I’ll do it eventually!  Stop saying frak at me!  Yeah, frak you too!

Oh my God there are so many more of these.  Comic books.  Chess.  Complicated video games.  Ugh SHUT UP, NERDS!  ALL OF YOU!

*Let it be said that I am married to a nerd and almost all my friends are nerds and I am probably a nerd, too.  But sometimes haters (me) gotta hate.



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7 responses to “Things I Wish Nerds Would Shut Up About*

  1. Michael

    There’s only one L in Galactica.

  2. wil

    Skynet wants you to think it’s nothing more than a generic cable company. For frak’s sake, do not fall for it!

  3. I’ve got to stand up for Battlestar Galactica. I was really against watching it at first (irrational distrust of sci-fi) but it’s a very engaging show about humans struggling with mortality. And it’s hard to compare BSG, The Wire, and Lost anyway. They all have different goals and are all very entertaining.

    Basically, I like TV.

    • receptionist

      Dude, believe me, I know. I’m sure it’s awesome. But I am overwhelmed!

      Also, this is exactly what I said to all the people who told me I had to watch The Wire before I watched it. I get all panicky when I think I’m missing out on something pop-culturally relevant.

    • Battlestar is awesome. I love it. Originally I thought it was going to be one of those things that I would just have to put up with because the boyfriend liked it, but after a few episodes I was just as into it as he is. We even went and watched the miniseries on the big screen last month when the Brattle aired it, and we dubbed the event Brattlestar. Because we are nerds.

      I haven’t seen The Wire or Big Love so I can’t compare them to Battlestar at all.

  4. Em, hashtag is actually what our english speaking friends in uk and down under call #. Yea i thnk it’s weird too but not really nerdy. Blogging however?…kinda nerdy

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