Instant Gratification: The League Season 1

YOU GUYS.  Remember when Party Down was on Netflix Instant and everyone was like “omg this show is so good, how is it on Netflix Instant and it like updates every episode as soon as it airs on Starz or whatever, this is the best deal ever and my life is so great!” and then they took it down?  And now Party Down is no longer on Netflix Instant and nobody even knows how to watch it anymore and also it was canceled?  Well, it seems like this is a similar situation and nobody seems to know that this AMAZING SHOW called The League is really super amazing and available on Netflix Instant.  So make sure you go home and watch the entire first season of The League before the television bigwigs/fat cats in Washington realize that they let this awesome show slip through the cracks and onto Netflix Instant.

Also, the weather is shitty today (if you live in the northeast) and your haircut is growing out and starting to look a lot like a mom haircut and your boss isn’t even here yet so I suggest you send him an email telling him you’re getting a migraine and then go home and watch six hours of The League.  You’ll thank me.  This show is hilarious.  It’s about a group of friends who play fantasy football together and I did not at all expect to like it but in fact I like it very, very much.



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2 responses to “Instant Gratification: The League Season 1

  1. wil

    Netflix recommendations! Yay! FYI, I just checked Netflix and “Party Down” is available via Instant.

  2. Oh nice! Confirmed! Party Down is back, y’all. ‘Flix it up.

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