Instant Gratification: Grumpy Old Men

Netflix Instant has a lot to offer.  The obvious, titular example being that it provides instant gratification.  But also, it allows us all to be reintroduced to movies from bygone eras.  Like the 90’s.  And the early 2000’s.  And some movies from now, like Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire which is in my queue but I haven’t watched yet.  Someday soon, definitely.  Probably next week.  Or the week after.  Definitely before I’m dead, I’ll have watched Precious.  Probably.  Anyway, the point of these movie reviews is to help you all wade through the murky waters of the Netflix Instant offerings.  I’ll watch them for you and then tell you if they’re worth adding to the queue.  It’s a humanitarian effort, really.

I was pretty sure I’d seen Grumpy Old Men as a child but I either totally didn’t or I didn’t retain any of it.  Because before watching it this week I pretty much just thought of it as a joke.  Like when somebody is super lame and you’re like “What is it, Grumpy Old Men in here?”


But it turns out that Grumpy Old Men is super adorable and funny and heartwarming!  And like oddly filthy and inappropriate for children.  Definitely gets my seal of approval.  Put it on your Netflix Instant queue and watch it on a rainy day.  Or if your girlfriend breaks up with you.  Or if your cat dies.  It’ll make you happy!  I promise.  It’s a cheer-you-up kind of movie.

Also, this conversation happened while we watched Grumpy Old Men:

Me:  Did you know that Jack Lemon and Walter Mathau were in The Odd Couple?
Billy:  No.  Cool.
Me:  Yeah and remember that movie The Apartment?
Billy:  No.
Me:  Yes, you do, it was the one about the guy who worked at the office and he had an apartment and everybody used it to bang secretaries or something.  In black and white.
Billy:  Oh yeah.
Me:  That was Jack Lemon!
Billy:  Oh.
Me:  Ann-Margaret is in this?!  She was the girl from Bye Bye Birdie.
Billy:  Oh.
Me:  Remember?
Billy:  No.
Me:  It was in that episode of Mad Men?
Billy:  Nope.
Me:  Well it was.

Doesn’t it look like so much fun to watch movies with/be married to me?

In conclusion, Grumpy Old Men, you get an A+.


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  1. Gemma

    OMG I recently put Grumpy Old Men in my Instant Queue. I’m not spelling Queue right, I don’t think. THE MOVIE IS SO FUNNY. I ❤ them. The Odd Couple is on there too, just sayinnn.

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