Drunk Movie Reviews: Volume The Last

I used to really enjoy writing my Drunk Movie Reviews but of late I have grown a little older, maybe a little wiser, and I’ve come to realize that it’s not totally healthy or productive to get drunk all the time and watch crappy movies.  So now I watch crappy movies after half a glass of wine and fall asleep halfway through.  Perhaps strike “wiser” and replace with “lamer”.

Therefore, I am changing the title from Drunk Movie Reviews to Instant Gratification: Adventures In My Netflix Instant Queue.  Or maybe I’ll change it to Heart of Darkness: One Woman’s Journey Into The Depths Of Her Netflix Instant Queue.

Or maybe Once Upon A Streaming: Watching My Netflix Instant Queue, One 90’s Slapstick Comedy At A Time.

Flixin’ It Up: Netflix Style (This is nonsense)

Don’t Be A Menace To My Living Room While Drinking Your Wine In The Netflix (What?)

Netflixier Old Men

Netflix Instant 2: The Squeakuel

Ugh.  This has gone far enough.  I think I’ll just go with Instant Gratification because, as my friend Walt suggested, I might get some accidental traffic from people looking for porn.


Next time on Instant Gratification: Grumpy Old Men.  Get excited you guys!


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