Cosmo’s Moon

I got a cold last week and it seems that my body is allergic to having a cold.  So the cold is gone but my body is still having a wicked weird allergic reaction.  I have all these weird residual symptoms.  Hence the neti pot (I won’t go into it again, RELAX).  Anyway.  In order to not get my head flooded with mucous overnight I have to sleep with my head propped up really high on lots of pillows.  The problem being that I can’t really sleep like that.  I just lay there trying to be still and quiet and not get my face full of boogers.  When I slept at all it was a very light sleep.  At one point I opened my eyes because there was some kind of light shining in them.  I looked outside and it looked like a really bright streetlight was shining right into my window.  But it was the moon!  It was so bright, you guys.  So I tapped Billy on the shoulder and quoted Moonstruck (of course).  I go “Billy!  It’s Cosmo’s moon!”

And he’s like “I’m sleeping.”

And I nodded, because real life is never as romantic as Moonstruck.

Then he said “Sorry I was a dick about that.”

I understand.

What was up with that moon last night, though?!  Did you guys see it?!  It was the brightest I’ve ever seen, I swear.



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5 responses to “Cosmo’s Moon

  1. Billy

    It was 3 fucking 30 too btw. I was so angry when I realized that our family was not in danger and it was just a big moon. ❤

  2. The Internet

    I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since 2010. Seeing the pulmonary specialist this afternoon though. Maybe he’s got a magic wand.

  3. Mommy

    Best movie evah! google moonstruck quotes. Every line in that movie was great. And Billy. “Just a big moon”??? Alas, I guess the honeymoon is over on Plymouth Street…So sad.

  4. Jessica Sexton

    sat night is going to have a record full moon!

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