You Think The Neti Pot Post Was Gross?

This is you guys.

You guys are such babies!  Also, if I offended all your delicate sensibilities by talking about boogers I have some news for you: your girlfriend poops.  Daily.  And sometimes it’s really weird poop and it hurts her butt.  Yeah, even your own girlfriend.  You know what else she does?  She blows  her nose and looks at the boogers.  Just to see.  You know what else?  Sometimes she gets yeast infections or UTI’s and weird stuff comes out of her vagina.

WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS.  We are a disgusting collection of poop and pee and infections and discharges.

Gross shit comes out of our bodies on a daily basis.

We’re all the same, folks.  I, for one, will not be apologizing for talking about boogers on the internet.  Boogers are real.  They happen to all of us.  The gross stuff that comes out of our bodies, if nothing else, reminds us that we’re alive.




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3 responses to “You Think The Neti Pot Post Was Gross?

  1. Jessica Sexton

    preach on! Also I wish you had been more descriptive about what happened post neti pot!

  2. I refuse to admit that my girlfriend has EVER pooped, but it will always be hilarious when she farts.

  3. Alyssa

    Oh cousin! If there was ever a question as to whether or not were related it was just answered! 🙂 this is wonderful! So I read your blog post neti pot yesterday and immediately convinced myself I need one. So what if it’s only to see what comes out of my nose?! Thanks for making my day.
    Xo Alyssa
    Ps I just pooped

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