Things That Live In Noses

Ewwwwww.  You guys!  The neti pot is real.  The effects are visible.  In my sink.  You would not believe what came out of my face this morning!  The problem is that it didn’t like cure my symptoms.  It cleared my nasal cavities out and it was super satisfying but I still have the same symptoms so all that stuff that people say where they’re like “it’s a miracle it changed my life!” not totally true.  But I am SUPER EXCITED to use it again when I get home.  Oh it is satisfying.  It’s like cleaning your ears with a Q-tip and getting a really yellow hunk while simultaneously flossing your teeth and getting like a huge gob of apple out of there that you didn’t even know about!  So good.

But I still have a sinus headache, so.  Let’s temper our expectations a bit.

Also, I  heard a really good band today!  They are called The Joy Formidable and here is their awesome song.



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7 responses to “Things That Live In Noses

  1. This is like a really good horror story where they never tell you what the monster looks like so you imagine it in your brain and it’s 1,000 times more frightening than if they ever told you what it looked like.

    That’s what your boogers are to me.

  2. unc dave

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you are a grarooooss girl .describing your bodily excretions to friends and family is just just ohh I just cannot express my disgust; your making the green goo in my nose to run out and spill all over the front of my……. really you can get grosss

  3. Billy

    Pictures or it didn’t happen.

  4. Mommy

    eeekkkk. OK the neti pot thing was way too much info but following it with that song? I’m just not feelin’ it Em. But I hope you feel better. And you’re braver than most trying that nose vacuum claeaner. I’d be afraid it would suck out some of my brains. And I need all I can get these days.

  5. Mary

    I love the neti pot! Thanks for updating me about your nasal issues.

    Seriously though, the neti pot is great, I’ve been using it since high school!

  6. Judy McManus

    he he he he he he, What until you experience what I call ” NETI POT DRIP”” Now that is gross!!!!!

  7. The Internet

    You don’t need a Neti Pot, just cup you hand, fill it with water and snort a nostril at a time. Feels like waterboarding without the CIA guys around. But does help with allergies and such.

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