Fun Fact

Sometimes after eating lunch at my desk I feel like there’s a piece of apple or shortrib stuck between in my teeth so I floss it out with a piece of hair that’s still attached to my head.



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4 responses to “Fun Fact

  1. You disgust me. And I wish my own hair was long enough to do it myself.

  2. Mary

    I do that too. It is pretty awkward because I sit in a space surrounded by other people so I have to be sneaky about it.

  3. JMT

    If I have this problem while outside I break off and use little sticks. I cannot really think about anything else while experiencing this problem, so I try to have a variety of flosses and toothpicks at my desk. I have also used unfolded paperclips for the larger diastemas in emergencies. Do you twitter? I think you should.

  4. Will

    You’re really gross. If you pulled the hair out first and threw it out after, I think it’s totally fine though. Anyway, I’m jealous.

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