Resolutions and Miscellany

I made a few new year’s resolutions and I’m going to go into that in a second, but first, you guys, I’m going to New Orleans with my mom in a few weeks!  I think it’s going to be super fun.  Has anybody been there?  I know nothing.  Well, I know only what I learned from watching Treme (which, incidentally, is an INCREDIBLE show) but it’s pretty dark.  Looking for something a bit more… up.  So.  Where should we go?  What should we do?  Food?  They have some kind of doughnut that’s famous I understand.  Sign me up.  What’s the weather there like in late January, even?  I know nothing.  Where can I get a suit made of purple feathers?  Is there a store or do you have to make it yourself?  I think you have to make it yourself.  Anyway, input needed.  Thanks in advance.

Onto the resolutions.

1. Figure out why I hate yoga so much.

I think there’s some kind of deep-seated something going on there.  In theatre school, in like the second week, I was in a voice and speech class and we were told to release our stomach muscles.  I started sobbing and asked to leave and my teacher was like, “why don’t you try to stay and see where this takes you?”  Little did I know the crying is kind of sort of the point of the Linklater voice and speech technique.  It’s one of the points.  Tension in muscles can be connected to an emotional tension and releasing those pockets of tension can release all kinds of crazy shit.  Which leads me to this: why do I hate yoga so much?  Is it because I’ve carefully cultivated pockets of tension to hide all my deep inner anger and resentment and sadness?  And yoga might release these pockets of sadness and result in a tidal wave of existential despair that might never stop?  Just something I’d like to look into.

2. Develop upper body strength.

I have noodle arms.  Enough said.

3. Volunteer as a Big Sister.

The yoga thing notwithstanding, I think I’m at a pretty good place in my life right now.  I think it’s time to give a little back.  I don’t really have money but I do believe that I have some time.  I got in touch with Big Sisters of Greater Boston and I’m waiting for them to match me up with a little sister in the next few months.  I’m kind of really excited about it.  We can make friendship bracelets and cookies and go to the zoo together!  Ugh it’s my dream come true.  Match me with a little sister faster, guys!  I want to get started on being a good role model!!

4. Meet with a financial advisor.

The financial advisor is my father-in-law.  This resolution is kind of a gimme.  But whatever, it’s resolved so it goes on the list.  I want to invest.  We don’t have much money but I would like to have more of it.  Just to buy things like organic tomatoes and duvet covers and fancy letter press note cards and headbands.  You know.  Expensive and somewhat useless things.  And you know.  A home.  Eventually.

Ugh money.  Sometimes I get so annoyed with it.  It’s just an imaginary human construct!  How does it cause so many problems? This guy knows what I’m talking about.



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5 responses to “Resolutions and Miscellany

  1. Ashley

    I was pretty sure the point of V and S was to cry freshman year. I tried my hardest to squeeze those tears out… but to no avail.

  2. unc dave

    they are benige’s if I spelled them wrong kill me. Wear a smock cause they are full of powdered sugar and the place to have them for breakfast was mentioned on the food network so search for them there(phonetic:benya’s)

  3. The Internet

    I always heard New Orleans around Mardi Gras time called for the showing of the breasts in exchange for plastic beads. Sort of like how we got Manhattan from the Indians.

  4. The Internet

    Further to that New Orleans is awesome, but dangerous.

  5. AlexandraRS

    I know what you’re talking about the deep seeded stuff that’s probably living in your belly (or other muscles). It’s actually a very real thing. Try visceral massage, if you can find it. It’s basically a massage therapist rubbing your belly. Or have your man do it. See how it feels and then cry your brains out if necessary. We all have that “stuff” living in there. Find someone really caring and present to work through it with you. Wow… that was all very “woo woo”. That’s what happens when you live in California too long.

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