A Christmas Recap

First, my favorite pictures from Christmas 2010:

My stringbean of a sister (who just passed her driving test today WOO HOO!!!) wearing a variety of animals on her person.  No animals were harmed in the making of these Christmas presents.

This is my cousin Meghan’s son Shane who received an Iron Man mask and demanded to have his picture taken.  I obliged.  You do not say no to Iron Man.

This is from the ninth (can that be right?!) annual (seriously, when did we start doing these, friends?) Fairfield Friends Potluck Yankee Swap.  It’s always a good time.  This time we got snowed in and all slept over in one room, all seven of us.  Sadly missing a few friends this year but that’s fine as we also ran out of beds.  As it was, Mike and Cisco were stuck in sleeping bags and Billy and I shared a twin-size air mattress.  Good times, though, all around.

And finally, my favorite Christmas picture, possibly of all time:


Some Things I Learned This Christmas
A List

1. Keep air in your tires.
2. If one of your tires mysteriously goes flat overnight and you use one of those inflater things that goes in your cigarette lighter, make sure you don’t drain your battery.
3. Mini Coopers cannot jump the battery of a Volvo S90.
4. AAA is open on Christmas day.
5. Just don’t stress about it.  Stressing about it only increases the yelling.
6. It’s never too early to start drinking on Christmas day.
7. Unless you are elderly, in which case, you should really be careful with alcohol.
8. The ambulance is also open on Christmas day.
9. Sometimes people are naked and you need to call an ambulance.  Don’t worry about it.  These things happen.
10. Priorities are a funny thing.  Sometimes you think to yourself ‘I don’t mind driving four hours in a blizzard.  It’s worth it because of all the fun times we’ll have!’  You are correct in thinking that.  Drive in that blizzard!  But be careful.  And yes, it’s worth it, in the end.



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2 responses to “A Christmas Recap

  1. Mommy

    Every one of your 10 things on your list are truisms! I was a witness to all. Great photos, but you missed one. Grandma Jeannette’s cream pies. Everyone loved them!
    It was a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

  2. Mommy

    Whoops no I didn’t witness Erin in her animal gear. But she sure is cute!

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