Just Call Me Tonya Harding

As promised, here’s a post about ice skating.

Billy and I went ice skating with a bunch of friends in Providence this weekend.  I was kind of a tool about it.  There was lots of “what should we do today?” and lots of me responding with “we have to go ice skating, I wore this outfit special” and lots of others saying “hmm well I don’t know if I want to go ice skating…” and me responding “WE HAVE TO GO ICE SKATING” and then pouting.  There was pouting.  But anyway, not to put words in anyone’s mouths, but we did go ice skating and it was awesome.

Notice the appropriate cozy sweater/swingy skirt ice skating outfit.

Hi guys!

Also, at one point Mike tried to do a fancy move, fell down, and ripped his pants.  That was definitely worth the price of admission.



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