EDIT:  Okay so the pig article is from 2005.  Old news, Emily!  Where do you get your news, The Past?  Apparently,  yes.  Doesn’t mean it’s not fucked up, though!

It’s bad enough that people are already basically patenting the human genome. But now this? What the shit, Monsanto?  And they’re allowed to do it, too, because they have Congress in their pockets.  According to Wikipedia they spent more than $8 million on lobbying in 2008 – Democrats and Republicans (but mostly Republicans [obviously]).

I don’t have time to write the freaking dissertation on this issue that it deserves nor do you have the time to read it, but just take a second.  Google Monsanto.  And maybe don’t vote for people who let them do this insane bullshit all the time.  If we don’t watch out for stuff like this it can get a little chaotic and unethical up in here.

I know this is frustrating and makes us all feel like we can’t make a difference.  I know, guys.  It’s hard living in this world.  It’s just so big and hard to keep track of who is being evil and who is staying good.  But this here blog is supposed to be a place of respite, an escape from the existential despair.

So please check back soon for important updates on the important question: Is ice-skating still fun?  Hint: YES.  IT IS JUST AS FUN AS YOU REMEMBER IT BEING.



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  1. fourty

    Yup. Monsanto is potentially the winner of the “most evil” competition. This article is about two years old but still pretty horrific/gut wrenching. I first learned about these douches just a little while back in the doc ‘Food Inc.’ and was kind of blown away that they are as big and horrible as they are yet somehow I had never heard about them. Did some research (ie. google) and was sufficiently horrified.

  2. The Internet

    my pig’s better than your pig

  3. Will

    Way to go emily. You send me this article and then I go and start a big debate with my friend Mike (Monsanto employee) who responds with, “wow they don’t tell us anything! I thought they got out of the meat business after the public wanted a beheading because of mad cows.” Turns out they do tell them stuff. The right, up to date stuff. They won’t touch animals anymore. Rest assured.

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