Blog ALL The Things?*

OVERKILL.  Why just kill something when you can overkill it?  I just drank an extra bold coffee mixed with a packet of hot chocolate mix and I think I’ve made a huge mistake.

My heart hurts.


1. Whole Foods is rolling out this cool new rating system for the meat it sells.  Looks pretty rad, right?  Right now they have a lot of restrictions on what meat they’ll sell but this looks like it’s going to get even better/more restrictive.  I love some restrictions and hate others.  Love: restrictions on corporations and large banks.  Hate: uncomfortable bras.  Etc.  Anyway, new Whole Foods meat restrictions =  Goodbye paycheck!  Hello pork!  Anyway, Billy and I were at Whole Foods this weekend and Billy wanted to make this pork thing in the slow cooker and since it was Whole Foods meat I allowed it (begrudingly/passive aggressively at first).  Anyway, it was really delicious and I wanted him to guest blog about it but he won’t do it because he is a naysayer in bar trivia.  He just says nay.  It was really good and I had it for dinner last night and lunch today and I feel crazy!  (I said “Anyway” three times in this paragraph.  That’s a little thing I like to call bad writing.  Anyway…)

2. Coffee and hot chocolate should not be combined!  It is forming a black hole in my brain!  THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH MASS.

3. I wanted to write Drunk Movie Reviews of the following two movies, but we weren’t drunk.  Sidenote: I think we drank too much when we lived out in Roslindale because I sure did write a fair amount of Drunk Movie Reviews.  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have homework/early morning spinning/a job as an engineer.  TANGENT.  Okay so I wanted to write reviews of these two movies but… no, okay, I’m going to do it.  GET READY.

I’m Still Here

(15 minutes in)
Billy:  How much do you hate this?
Me:  On a scale of 1 to 10? 7.
Billy:  I just feel like we could be doing something more valuable with our time.
Me:  You know Christine O’Donnell?  She’s crazy and a republican and I’m glad she lost the election but she said something on Good Morning America that I agreed with.  She was on “The Morning Mix” (it’s a knock off of hot topics on The View) and George Stephanopolous (spelling?) asked her what she thought about Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting the Oscars and she said “Well, the Oscars is the Hollywood prom.  Let them pick whatever king and queen they want, I don’t care.”  And I was like “oh shit, you’re so right Christine O’Donnell!”  Which is a long way of saying I don’t give a shit about Joaquin Phoenix.  And this is fake.
Billy: Let’s play xbox Risk instead.
Me: Just goes to show that republicans are sometimes people, too.

(Hi Dad!  Love you!)

Did You Hear About The Morgans

Me: I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this.
Billy: Please don’t fall asleep ten minutes in and then make me watch the rest of it.
Me: (Already sleeping)

I plan to watch the rest of it soon, though!  I was enjoying it!

I’d like to apologize for this post.  It’s… I… There’s no excuse.

*This is a reference to one of the best blog posts I have ever read in my life.



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4 responses to “Blog ALL The Things?*

  1. The Internet

    A million years ago Jeannette had a slice of one of those pies… I can’t remember where she/we were. Stencil’s? Maybe Nancy knows. Anyway, I vaguely remember her asking whoever it was for the recipe, then she made it her own. You do the same!

    Awesome pix.

    take a look at Mark Reinfeld’s new website:

  2. Here is how you do it. 3/4 cup of hot chocolate and 1/4 cup of black coffee, top with whipped cream if you have any. I love coffee and hot chocolate! Regular black coffee not something loaded with extra caffeine.

  3. wil

    That Global Animal Partnership/Whole Foods rating system is going to be AWESOME!!!!!

    “I’m Not Here” — ? Sounds like a cross between the Dylan movie, “I’m Not There”, and the Phoenix movie, “I’m Still Here”.

    • receptionist

      Ugh, you’re so right. It’s “I’m Still Here.” Just goes to show how annoyed I was by that movie, I didn’t even get the name right.

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