@#$%&*! pumpkin strings

Sometimes I plan too many things for the number of hours I have available.  Last night I had to make two cream pies for Thanksgiving.  And I decided I had to stuff a pumpkin as well.  All between 5pm and 7pm when I had to leave to get my haircut adjusted.  (It’s boring – it wasn’t laying right in the back.  Now I look like Meg Ryan.  It’s a little 90’s but I don’t care.)  Anyway, having to make two pies and stuff and roast a pumpkin, in addition to cleaning the kitchen and taking out the garbage and recycling turned out to me MORE THAN I COULD HANDLE.  Also, the internet was broken so I couldn’t get the recipe for the stuffed pumpkin that I needed.  So I decided to wing it!  Because that always goes well!  So I tried to remember all the times I’d read this recipe.  It’s from a story I heard on NPR about this woman who stuffs pumpkins in France or something, I don’t know.  Anyway, here’s the recipe, and let me just say in the beginning that the pumpkin did not look like that when we took it out.  But it was pretty good.  Only thing I changed is I didn’t measure anything and I used turkey bacon instead of bacon bacon.  It was pretty tasty, though!  The parts of the pumpkin that got all cheesey and bacony were really good.  But in other news: have you recently scooped the insides of a pumpkin out and really tried to get all the strings?  That shit is fucking difficult.  Have you ever done it while pressed for time, on the phone with your husband who is still at work, whilst crying?  Because I have!  That is something I have done.  I get stressed, you guys.  I get stressed out and then I cry about it but you can’t just fall apart every time you cry if you’re a person who cries as much as I do.  Sometimes you have to cry in the midst of certain tasks.  Such as scooping out a pumpkin and taking out the garbage and talking on your cell phone.  Sometimes these things happen.

Anyway.  If this is the most stressed I get this Thanksgiving it’ll be a record for the least stressful Thanksgiving in history.  Everything turned out fine.  Sometimes you just have to plow ahead.  And sometimes you have to listen to this to pick your mood back up off the pumpkin-seed-strewn floor.



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3 responses to “@#$%&*! pumpkin strings

  1. AlexandraRS

    Have you noticed that the insides of pumpkins are a different consistency than they were when we were kids? I remember pumkin guts being really stringy and sticky and gross– stuff you didn’t want to put your hands in but then you did and realized it actually felt kinda cool.

    Anyways, I noticed this fall when carving my most recent pumpkin that the guts are all dry and stuff now. What’s up with that?

  2. HI

    We have a tradition in the McManus Family. Our Halloween supper is stuffed pumpkin!!! I have been doing this for over 25 years now. I usually do two small ones, one is for Ruan and myself (Roger won’t touch it) and the second one is for RJ and Lee.

  3. PS: I use an ice cream scoop to clean the inside of the pumpkin.

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