Cure for A Case of the Traffic Angries

A few things.  There is a chicken house on my way to work.  It’s just what it sounds like.  A triple-decker house in Cambridgeport where some chickens live.  I guess they have a coop in the back but the people let them just kind of walk around or chill on top of the chain link fence or peck around in the park next door.  I think the chickens are a good omen.  When I see a chicken on my way to work I like to take it to mean that this will be a good day.  So imagine my chagrin when I saw a chicken (the tawny rooster, even) walking around the park this morning, which put a big smile on my face, and then, almost immediately afterward, got stuck in some really shitty traffic.  I was listening to NPR at the time and NPR is great.  It’s great.  Except sometimes it exacerbates my traffic anger.  So I decided the solution to this would be to turn on some Cee Lo Green wayyyyy too loud.  Have you guys heard the new Cee Lo album?  Specifically the single Fuck You?  It’s.  Amazing.  One for the ages.

Sadly I’m still on the free version of WordPress so I can’t embed this video but if you know what’s good for you you’ll click this link.  It’s really good Monday morning music and I would argue it can cure all your ills.

Can we talk about Cee Lo for a second?  He’s like a way sexier, way cooler version of Luther Vandross.  Like dude has some pipes.  Just for fun, in case you’re interested, here’s my second favorite song on the album: Wildflower.



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2 responses to “Cure for A Case of the Traffic Angries

  1. I lived very close to the chicken house for a number of years. Best part? ALL THEIR PIT BULLS. They have three of them. And they all love the chickens.

  2. receptionist

    No way! So cute. I love the chicken house. I miss those guys in the winter.

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