Where’d I Go To Blog School, My Butt?

Hi friends.  It’s been a couple of days, huh?  I was doing so good there for awhile and now it’s a couple of days and you don’t hear a peep from me.  And you start to get a little resentful and you’re like “Hey girl, you talked me into checking your blog on a daily basis and now you don’t even say peep for a couple of days.  What gives?!”  Here’s what gives: I was really super sick you guys!  Have you ever had bronchitis?  Makes you cough up all kinds of gross stuff and it’s hard to breathe?  And have you ever had a sinus infection?  Where your head hurts so much you almost vom and think you might have a tumor?  Ever have them all together?

So you can just shut up about me not writing in my damn blog, a-holes!

I’m sorry for that outburst.

I feel a lot better today!

I’d like to regale you with a story.  This weekend Billy and I had plans to go to the Super Fun Cabin in Vermont with our friends.  We’ve been to the cabin a few times and it’s always like the best weekend.  And we had missed the last few Super Fun Cabin in Vermont adventures for various reasons: illness, my mom being in town (hi Mommy!), our honeymoon, etc.  So we were super-psyched to go this time.  I felt pretty sick on Thursday and left work early to rest up.  I had to rest up for the Super Fun Cabin in Vermont weekend!  So I rested.  And on Friday I felt guilty for taking a day off work so I went in and got a bunch of stuff done, still feeling pretty ill.  Friday night we got in a carpool with three of our friends and I nursed a package of cough drops and giggled and had snacks and basically had a really fun time!  This is going well so far!  So we get up to the Super Fun Cabin in Vermont and meet new people and Billy and I cook up a spaghetti dinner and I have one beer and WHOA.  The train pulls up to Sleepytime Station for Emily.  So it’s like 10pm and I say “you guys I think I have to go to bed.”  So I miss the first night of Super Fun, have a really hard time sleeping with all the fun going on in the cabin, and that begins the downward spiral.  Suffice it to say I spent the entire weekend hacking up a lung, unable to talk, sore throat like you wouldn’t believe, in bed watching Arrested Development.  The highlight of the weekend, for me, was overhearing the following conversation, had over a particularly combative game of Settlers of Catan:

Billy: Where’d you go to reading school, nowhere?
Zilm: Where’d you go to counting school, your butt?!

I laughed but it masked my true desire to cry.  And since we’d carpooled and we were 3+ hours from home we had to stay until Sunday afternoon.  And then on Monday, you’d think I’d feel better but no.  Then the sinus infection reared its ugly head and I couldn’t even watch Arrested Development.  All I could do was sleep and moan.  And my moaning didn’t have much effect because I still couldn’t make noise with my vocal chords.  So Billy took me to the doctor, he told me I have sinusitis and bronchitis and gave me a bunch of prescriptions and I feel a lot better today.  I just coughed up something gross, but all in all, much better.

And that’s where I’ve been.  How was your weekend, jerk?



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3 responses to “Where’d I Go To Blog School, My Butt?

  1. wil

    I lurk most of the time, but I really like your blog. You’re so funny! Feel better.

  2. AlexandraRS

    I also heart your blog. Keep it up! It inspires me to try and start a blog and be as fun as you are.

  3. unk

    so goes the days of our lives the never ending story of a young woman trying to be the social butterfly but constantly being thwarted by disease while her husband the handsome software engineer cavorts with friends while his wife is suffering in her misery…….

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