It Gets Better

In my wedding vows I talked about how I wished I could talk to an adolescent version of myself so that I could tell her how awesome her life was going to be when she grew up.  Everything shitty that happened and every bad thing I felt made me who I am today and I’m so thankful for that.   And now with this rash of teenagers killing themselves because of bullying and the It Gets Better Project, I keep thinking about how terribly important that idea is.   For gay kids, absolutely, but also for EVERY TEENAGER.   Do you guys remember being a teenager!?!  Jeez, that was the worst!  And how awesome is it that you go through all the crazy, terrible stuff you go through and it makes you a nicer, better, cooler person if you learn from it.  So if you have a moment, if you’re interested, or if you’re a kid and you’re sad and you think you’ll be sad forever, click this or this or that link up top and listen to happy people talk about how great their lives are and how if they had ended it early they would have missed out on so many wonderful things.

I get a little overwhelmed when I see things like this project.  It’s such a good cause and such a good way to spend time – telling kids that who they are is GREAT and GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME!  You guys!  What a great thing to remember on a Friday afternoon at 4:19pm when I’ve reached the end of the internet and the only thing between me and freedom is 41 minutes.


Also happy birthday to my little brother, Will.  You’re 24 today!  Imagine that.


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  1. The internet

    that is an awesome picture. i love the blueness

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