There are a few blogs that I read on a daily basis that would be considered “Mommy Blogs” though I think that description is a little dismissive, a little sexist, and mostly it just doesn’t encompass everything about these people and the things they write about.  These blogs are: Dooce, Chookooloonks, and Mighty Girl.  They happen to be written by women with children but that is not their main focus.  It’s not like “Aren’t diapers gross, you guys?  They are so gross sometimes.”  Although that is part of it.  But anyway, one really awesome thing that these three particular blogs/bloggers have in common is that (all inspired by Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl, I believe) these women have written life lists.  And lots of bloggers like them have also written life lists!  A list of 100 crazy, huge things that they want to do in their lifetimes.  I really like this idea!  And don’t call it a bucket list because it’s not focused on death.  It’s about living.

I am trying to write my life list but it’s so boring, partially, I think, because I’m young and haven’t done very much yet.  It’s like “get a dog, have kids, buy a house” – that’s not a life list, that’s like a to do list and it’s boring.  And then I start thinking a little bigger and it’s like “volunteer at 826 Boston, get good at riding horses and do it regularly” and that’s still not big enough.  Then I get to “run a marathon” and I get scared.  Because if I write that down that means I have to do it.  And running a marathon, while possible, still is really difficult.  I run about 3.3 miles tops nowadays.  I’ve never run more than 5 miles at a time.  When I was a kid and I had to run a mile for some kind of Connecticut state fitness requirement I couldn’t do it.  I had to stop and walk and it took me like 13 minutes.  I am not built for speed OR endurance.  I’ve trained myself to jog 3 miles but folks, do you know how far a marathon is?  It’s 26.2 miles, you guys.  That is IN. SANE.  It’s not a sane thing to do.

But there we have it.  I’ve put it in my blog and that’s that.  I’m not doing it this year.  Or probably next year.  And maybe not the year after that.  But at some point in my life, I will get a dog, have kids, buy a house, volunteer at 826 Boston, get good at riding horses, and run a GODDAMNED marathon.  So help me, I’m gonna do it all.

P.S. This list is super incomplete, don’t judge me, Maggie.  I’m working on it!

P.P.S. OH ALSO I forgot a bunch of food-related things that are going on the list: learn how to make crème brulee, learn how to butcher a chicken, pig, and cow, learn how to make salami, grow a garden that is entirely edible.  This list-making is fun!  What do you guys want to put on your lists?  We can do it together!



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4 responses to “LISTomania

  1. Billy

    Knit me a sweater! That shit’s hard! ❤

  2. receptionist

    Hi, sorry this wasn’t clear: it’s MY life list, not your list of things that it would be cool for me to do for you. What do YOU want to do? Learn carpentry? Make award-winning pickles?

  3. Mommy

    So, all those years of finding interesting, protein-filled vegetarian meals for you because you wouldn’t eat anything with a face and you go and marry some Italian kid who loves sausage and now you’re dreaming about slaughtering pigs and cows and chickens???

  4. unk

    If you want the edible garden consult the djaj man for in depth instruction!

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