Sorry In Advance

Look at that picture.  It was sunny and like 76 degrees on our wedding day.  This does not happen often in my neck of the woods.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate the weather this spring/summer, Boston.  Let’s try not having such a sour attitude all the time.  We complain about the rain, snow, cold, humidity, bugs, mice, sweat, how expensive it is to heat our apartments, etc.  Anything  you can complain about that is weather or temperature related, in any season, we complain about it.  But this year, you guys?  This year has been great!

Or maybe I’m biased.

Sometimes, lately in particular, I don’t think I should be super honest about my situation.  I don’t think it’s very interesting.  And here’s why.  If I’m super honest about my current situation you will all hate me.  Because I am ridiculously, obnoxiously happy.  I feel like a little kid at a carnival.  Only the carnival is just my regular life.  I eat fried dough with sauce (right Zilm?) and cotton candy for dinner.  I’m ecstatically happy.  My life is full of wonder and excitement and contentment and joy.

Isn’t that boring!?

In order to keep you interested and keep you visiting my blog even though I am a sporadic (thanks Clueless) poster I will tell you an embarrassing story.  Because even though I’m stupid happy lately, I still seem to end up digging through garbage.

I dropped my wedding band and engagement ring in the garbage outside Panera today.  My rings are too big.  I am sensitive about my giant fingers so when Billy had me size my finger I went a little nuts and told him to get a bigger size thinking there would be nothing so mortifying as being proposed to and then not being able to get the engagement ring on my fat fingers.  We’ve had problems because of this before.  Once we somehow got my wedding band trapped within the dashboard of our Volvo.  What?  I don’t even know.  So today, after lunch with some friends, I walked out of Panera and threw my cup in the garbage oh and also threw my wedding rings in there.  Great.  My friend Alyssa ran back into the restaurant to ask for some help or maybe some gloves, but I was already digging away.  A really kind gentleman named Eddie was given the responsibility of coming out to help me (bless him) and between the two of us we managed to find the rings, get them washed, and returned them to my finger.  I plan to write Eddie and all the good people at Panera a nice letter and maybe we can get Eddie a raise or something.  He was a trooper.

The really sad part of all this is that I wasn’t even that bothered by the situation.  I was outside, digging through the garbage, but the sun was shining!  I was making a new friend (Eddie)!  I was sure the rings were in the garbage bag so I wasn’t worried.  And I knew this would make for a good story.  A mediocre story?  It might not be that good now that I wrote that.  Whatever,  it’s staying.  This blog is about honesty, you guys.  I do not delete things once I type them.  A CARD LAID IS A CARD PLAYED GODDAMNIT.  See, like that?  That took a weird turn but IT’S STAYING.

In conclusion, sorry I’m so insufferably happy.



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2 responses to “Sorry In Advance

  1. Billy

    You should write them a sick ass Yelp, and talk about how Eddie is the best! I bet they don’t have amazing reviews since its a Panera?

  2. AlexandraRS

    I think it’s grand that you’re ridiculously happy.

    In fact, I’m quite tired of hearing everyone bitch and moan about everything all the time.

    Life’s hard sometimes, we all know that. We all have our struggles and pet peeves and frustrations. And we could all talk endlessly about them.

    Way to break out of that mold of insufferable misery and write about happiness instead.

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