The New Pornographers

Oh also tonight Billy and I are going to see my favorite band ever, the New Pornographers and I am fucking pumped, can I just say that?  I love these guys.  Here is a video of their latest single. Their videos tend to be nonsensical and none of the band members are ever in the videos which I sometimes find frustrating, but this one has a nice sort of 1,2,3,4 Feist thing going on, i.e. it gives me chills sometimes and I don’t know why.  Enjoy!



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2 responses to “The New Pornographers

  1. I cannot stop listening to the new album. It’s completely awesome in a brand new New Pornographers way.

    Sigh. Have fun. Give AC a big ole smooch for me.

  2. dave

    they have a performance art thing going in their videos and the choreography to produce that is amazing.

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