First Of All, I Should Tell You That By “RS” He Means The Magazine Real Simple

Billy:  did you see the RS jalapeno lemonade?
at first I was like
that sounds gross
but then
I was like
maybe it’s good!
it was a wild rollercoaster of emotions

My husband, ladies and gentlemen.



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2 responses to “First Of All, I Should Tell You That By “RS” He Means The Magazine Real Simple

  1. Mommy

    How come nothing in RS is Real Simple. Can’t they just leave the poor lemonade alone? I like that you’re reading magazines, though. Magazines are the best. Real ones, I mean. The paper kind. With advertising in them.

  2. Mary

    me: emily, i just read your blog about jalapeno lemonade
    and i have a few thoughts on jalapeno things
    they are SO GOOD
    like pear jalapeno sushi, i just had that recently
    and i also had a jalapeno margarita…
    it was delicious
    that’s all.
    eklazzaro: um yes it all sounds amazing
    feel free to comment on the blog!
    or IM me that works too
    me: i was going to but then i felt weird
    eklazzaro: why??
    me: i have comment phobia
    eklazzaro: mike comments!
    me: i don’t know why
    eklazzaro: haha because it’s so public?
    me: i guess
    i don’t know, its weird
    eklazzaro: literally tens of people read my blog every day so i understand your concern
    me: i should get over it
    me: HAHA
    okay, but i just wanted to pass along my thoughts on jalapenos…so now you know
    perhaps i should copy and paste this whole conversation to your comment section
    to shake me out of my fear
    eklazzaro: hahahaha
    not a bad idea

    -Done. Love, Mary

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