Early Bird

My new favorite time is 6:30am.  On a nice day it’s especially lovely.  I go for runs (hehe runs) in the mornings sometimes if I know I have plans after work and I try to wake up at 6am and leave the house for a jog by 6:30.

I love 6:30 people.  They are people with dogs, mostly.  German Shepherds racing across parks, small white dogs eyeing me suspiciously, labs being labs (sometimes I find labs boring, am I alone here?), big giant Deerhounds smelling stuff.  I ran by a lady with three (!) giant Deerhounds this morning and heard her say “come on, kids.”  I liked her.  I would like to be her friend even though it is likely that her house smells pretty bad.

Another curious thing is that when I run on one particular street I seem to run into a lot of chefs.  The Le Cordon Bleu institute is in my neighborhood so I can only imagine they’re students, but what are they doing getting to school at 6:30?  Why so early, chef school?  Poor guys.  And they all have to wear their goofy chef outfits.  Those checkered pants and those white jacket thingies.  It’s kind of charming though, seeing them all get off the T and walk to school wearing the same outfits.  They’re like grown up versions of Irish school children I used to see on the bus in Dublin.  They seem annoyed that they have to wear the uniform but not annoyed enough to wear a different outfit and change at school.  And some of them, I think, wear those silly pants with pride.  “I am a chef in training!” they seem to say.  “I command respect!”  Good job, guys.  Maybe they’re learning how to make crème brulee today.

I also have encountered one woman two days this week already.  We’ve passed each other at the same place both times, running opposite directions on Otis Street, just at the crest of the hill (that hill is tough for me, so I’m usually feeling pretty good at that point, having overcome the challenge).  This woman is probably in her sixties (maybe seventies) and she wears a long skirt to jog.  Why she wears a long skirt I don’t know.  I told Billy about her this morning and he said “that’s weird, I don’t like it.”  And I said “she’s kind of old” and he said “oh maybe she just has low self-esteem” and I said “maybe she doesn’t have any pants like my grandmother or maybe it’s religious” and Billy said “oh okay then.”  I like that we keep passing each other in the same exact spot.  She must leave her house the same time as me in the morning.  Maybe next time I pass her I’ll say hello.  Maybe we will be friends.  6:30 friends.



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5 responses to “Early Bird

  1. Mommy

    I love 6:30 too! I try to get to the gym by 6:30. All these sleepy-head, middle-aged professionals trying to dutifully squeeze in their exercise so that they don’t stroke prematurely. What was a little irritating this morning though was the music at the gym. All dance music and rap. Now, the only thing that all the guys in the Fitness Edge uniforms have to do is look around them at 6:30 in the morning to know that the people there at that time (Middle-aged professionals) do NOT want to hear boom-boom dance music. Especially if the songs are nearly unrecognizable re-makes of some of their favorite artists’ stuff.

    So I asked the guy at the desk to contemplate changing the music. So he changes it to some crappy pop, R&B, Hip-hop shit. DEMOGRAPHICS, honey! Simple demographics. A little Rolling Stones or Queen maybe?

    They all need a lesson in marketing. Or maybe they want all the middle-aged pros to not use the gym so much. Maybe they’re smarter than I think…

  2. I am a morning person, too. As long as the sun is up, I am up. There is something about mornings that is so incredibly special, greeting the sun, the quiet…the lighting is magical. Such a time for reflection.

  3. Running at 6:30 in the morning? What are you, crazy? I’m pretty sure I’ve read that if you don’t spend the morning eating cream cheesed bagels while watching Arrested Development on Netflix, you live a very long time.

    But you’ll spend that entire time being miserable. And gaunt.

  4. uncD

    My favorite 6:30 is by the Maine shore on my Bike when the mist is in the air still and the smell of the ocean surrounds you.Think as you go on your run what if I put myself in their place what would I see. The lady with the long dress probably does not wear pants; but she may also have a bad case of spider veins and pants might rub. That is my opinion anyways. The dogs probably do smell but it’s not a bother to her.

  5. Katie

    I always walk with Le Cordon Bleu students to work in the morning. I like to think they are making breakfast breads and pastries in class every morning. Please, you can’t make croissants in the evening!!! That’s Ludicrous!! Also maybe starting their stocks for soups? All I can say is I’m jealous of them when they walk to their school and I walk to my work at 6:30am. I imagine they have constant smiles on their faces as they cook with the aromas wafting into their faces.

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