Marly & Me

I have a problem with topicality. Few of my posts are culturally relevant. For example, Marly & Me came out a long time ago. Regardless, I just watched Marly & Me on HBO and now I’m writing a blog about it so deal with it. I just watched it for the second time, actually. Also, I read the book. So, yes, I read Marly & Me and then I saw the movie. Twice. And I cried three times because of this story. Just a regular story about a guy with a wife and a dog and some kids. He has jobs and then he moves and the dog dies and that’s the whole story. Spoiler alert. The alert was late, I realize, but if you didn’t know that the dog dies then you are not observant. Also, all stories about dogs end with the dog dying because that’s how we learn lessons. If the story ended and the guy was like “and Marly and me and my family lived happily ever after and nobody ever died” everybody would be pissed. Because that’s not how life is! Anyway. I don’t know why I love Marly & Me so much but I do. I DOOOO. I’m embarrassed. But I do, I love Marly & Me. I would recommend it to anyone. Anyone with a heart. It’s just a lovely story. But it does have a funny effect on me. It makes me feel like my hopes and dreams are a little… shall we say… done. Lots of people want to get married and get a dog and have babies and have successful writing careers. It makes me feel so unoriginal.

(Sidenote: Mary Poppins is on right now and it’s making me very happy and making up for all the crying that was happening a few minutes ago. She just asked the little girl if she had a handkercheif under her pillow. Because that’s something that children needed under their pillows? It’s so darling!)

So as a result of feeling unoriginal I decided to start an embroidery that I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. It says Merry Christmas at the top and below that is a giant boner splooging all over the bottom of the embroidery. It’s a Christmas present for my friend Mike who gave Billy and me a Christmas ornament at our tree trimming party two years ago made entirely of his body hair. Right back at you, Mike. Who’s unoriginal now, BITCHES??!!

(I’m sorry I said bitches, Liz, it was for comedic effect.)



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