I’m Gonna Try To Write More, Starting Now

You guys.  I have been very ill for three days.  Full disclosure: I do not usually get sick like this.  I come down with a little something now and then but not like this.  I take a day off work sometimes because I have a little cold, but seriously not like this.  This was ridiculous.  I called in sick to work on Friday and layed in bed for most of the day.  I looked so horrible first thing in the morning that Billy did not hesitate to work from home that day so he could take care of me (where did I find him anyway?).  Dudes, I was in a bad way.  Bad chest cough, sore throat, general bodily discomfort.  I couldn’t brush my teeth or shower.  Oh god and the best part–I have like six giant canker sores on my mouth.  What?  Seriously?  Yes, seriously.  And my lips are chapped.  And brushing my teeth hurts so bad.  But I am recuperating and getting healthy, which is really important because I have a big week coming up.  Next Thursday is my birthday.  The big two five.  I kind of don’t care this year, but I did have some big plans to get drunk with co-workers at a dive bar in Allston and I’d hate to have to cancel.  Also, having a birthday in your twenties is pointless anyway, but having a birthday in your twenties that is close to Christmas ends up just being an inconvenience for all of your dear friends.  Sorry guys.  Deal with it.  Buy me drinks.

Anyway.  I haven’t been outside since Thursday so I’ve been watching a lot of things.  First, Community is awesome.  Watch it now.  Also, Parks and Recreation.  Amazing.  Also.  This American Life, the series that’s on Showtime.  It’s on Netflix–the kind that you can watch right away, which is awesome if you like instant gratification as much as I do, which is a lot.  And finally.  Billy and I just got Julie and Julia on pay per view and let me just say HOW DID JULIE POWELL GET SO MANY PEOPLE TO READ HER BLOG???  Nobody reads this dumb blog.  Except you guys.  Who are reading this right now.  And might actually be offended that I’m saying you’re nobody.  You’re not nobody!  I like you!  But here’s the thing, I probably know you.  You probably read this blog because we’re already friends.  Where are the strangers?!  I want strangers!

This day in age everybody and their mom has a blog and how do I make myself stand out?  I don’t know.  I’m no thirteen year old fashion blogger, I don’t have a gimmick like the Julia Child book, and I’m not famous already.  So.  Why would you read this blog?  Funnily enough, I’m getting a lot of people to the site because they are googling pictures of Sigourney Weaver.  Didn’t know that would happen but c’est la vie.

I am losing track of myself.

I am insecure because I’m neither a famous blogger nor playwright nor actor nor anything.  I’m just a lowly (and grammatically incorrect) Finance and Financial Aid Advisor who has a chest cold and is about to turn twenty-five.

But, it could definitely be worse.



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2 responses to “I’m Gonna Try To Write More, Starting Now

  1. Emily

    Im a new stranger!! 😉
    I was hunting for ribbon embroidery and stumbled across your blog!! Its a very interesting read 😉

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