A Bunch of Overdue Pictures

Hey y’all.  So a lot of things happened while I was being really busy and unavailable and unbloggy.  Thought I’d catch you up.  Here’s some pictures Billy made me take of these pickles he made that were really pretty but confirmed our suspicion that cooking pickles makes them yucky:Refrigerator pickles are way better.  Also, drinking whilst pickling sometimes makes you tell your girlfriend to take a picture of your head next to a glass of wine and six jars of pickles.  Cautionary tale.

Another thing Billy made me take a picture of was a couple Cat’s Meows we made.  Again.  Drinking + digital camera = this:You remember this drink, right?  I talked about it in an earlier post and I’m too lazy to link to it.  It’s ouzo and cranberry juice and it taste like a sixteen-year-old girl’s bedroom decor if that had a taste.  Billy made me take a picture of Oscar with the Cat’s Meows too.  ‘Cause he’s a cat.  Get it?  GET IT?!A perk of being done with some of the really annoying stuff I was doing that was taking up so much time is that I now have a few spare hours a week to dedicate to crafts.  See below:A few pieces of fancy/awesome paper from Paper Source, a little black paint, and a few $1 picture frames from Ikea that I had lying around.  Put ’em all together and you get some cool wall art!  Fun, right?  I think I’m going to use this technique for table numbers for the wedding, too.  CRAFTS!


Also, a few weeks ago we went on a romantic getaway to western Mass and had a romantic French dinner that cost us a romantic shit ton of money but we got this pretty adorable picture out of the deal:Worth it?  I don’t know.  But we had fun.

In other news, Halloween happened.  I didn’t have time to put together a real costume of any kind so I bought a wig and a petticoat and went as “Up For Interpretation: A Study In Purple.”  Here’s a picture of me looking a fool:



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2 responses to “A Bunch of Overdue Pictures

  1. Billy

    I think I am gonna frame that halloween picture. Adorable.

  2. Mommy

    I think you wore something very similar when you were about 8. Minus the tatoo of course. So cute.

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