Drunk Movie Reviews: Volume 6

My triumphant return to this blog.  A Drunk Movie Review of Purple Rain featuring Prince.  Yeah.  I know.

Billy: I really want to watch this movie.  It’s semi-autobiographical.
Me: Okay fine.  Fine.
Billy: That girl has awesome boobs.  Boobs in the 80’s were so much better than boobs now.
Me: Why did people wear clothes like those?  How was that what people wore?  Like on the street?
Billy: Of course Prince has a motorcycle.  He is a fantastic guitarist and performer.  That is so rare this day in age.  He just rocked so hard that he died.
Me: The girl with the great boobs has a tear in her eye because Prince was rocking so hard.  Also, this movie is bad.  I love it.
Billy:  Those boobs.
Me:  I know.  Wait.  He just slapped her?!?!  I don’t like this movie anymore.
Billy:  Yeah he kind of lost me.

One star.


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