Filemaker PRO!

I’m composing this blog post in an outgoing email on Microsoft Outlook in order to appear to be working. Yes, dear readers, I have a new job, I’m not a receptionist anymore, but I will not desert you. I just have to be less flagrant now. Because everybody who goes to the bathroom can see my computer screen and I fear they will judge me if they see me blogging. Blogging is not allowed! Probably.

In related news, the IT department has blocked Flash on my computer and this makes me inordinately upset.  I can finally wear headphones and listen to things but now anything worth listening to is blocked. Except NPR. Sweet, sweet NPR. It’s like nectar.

Anyway, my new job’s pretty awesome. I have business cards. I put a lot of numbers and codes into Filemaker Pro. That’s right. Pro. Because that’s what I am. A Pro. At data entry. And… finance? Just kidding. I’m not a pro at finance. But I can use a calculator for simple addition like a MOTHERFUCKER.

In other news:

1. I’m in college again. Nutty. I’m a grad student in the MFA playwriting program. I love it and I’m so busy I have to have a good cry every so often, but like I said, I love it. I’m writing and reading a lot and this is just what I’m supposed to be doing. Writing and reading and improving my brain. It had gotten a little mushy there for awhile.

2. Billy and I are making some small steps towards having a wedding. We have a place, the food is set, the guest list is (pretty much) set, my dress is set (duh, first thing I did), Billy’s facial hair has been decided upon, we have an invitation designer (Fourty) and a concept. The big things are done. Next step is getting an officiant. Which brings me to…

3. We’re going to church. Methodist. They’re cool with gays so Billy and I are into that, obvi. Billy told me he saw on the internet that there are churches in Texas that want to close down the church we go to. Because our church is too liberal. If that isn’t the mark of a church I want to be attending I don’t know what is. Also it is a way to form a connection with our community and for a little while every week it gives me an opportunity to think about how I can be a better person and make a meaningful difference in the world and that’s just a nice thing to do, you know? So we might ask one of the peeps from church to marry us. Somebody who’s okay with experimental facial hair and the possibility of The Smiths being incorporated into a wedding ceremony.



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2 responses to “Filemaker PRO!

  1. Michael

    Methodism was a life-changing discovery for me, as you know. I’m really glad you’re finding things to like about it too.

  2. Ashley

    How exciting about your new job! Yuck about everyone being able to see your computer though- that was how it was when i worked it was like a hall of computers and everyone could see yours. It really cut down my facebook time…

    Way to be in an MFA program. Now that i am a real person in the real world… i really wish i had been in theatre studies. Can you recommend any books on directing and playwrighting i could read? Your favorite ones – and/or ones for people that have no idea what they are doing.

    Also- way to be Methodist. I was Methodist (in texas even!) for a couple years and it was AWESOME. It was downtown and they basically fed and housed all the homeless people. I really loved how open and loving everyone was. It was a great experience and they are cool people!

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