Finance? I Know, Weird.

everybody poops and oscar 011Hi all.

A few quick updates and more later on today.  (Yes I realize I often say “more on that later” and then never update, but really I have every intention of updating you later but I am also forgetful and selfish.  DEAL WITH IT.)

I am no longer a receptionist.  But somehow doesn’t quite have the same ring.

Here’s my latest embroidery.  A little background: my bathroom is right off my kitchen.  So when we have people over sometimes I imagine they feel funny about going number 2.  Maybe they think people in the kitchen will hear them or smell the poop or whatever.  I just wanted to reassure everybody that it’s okay to poop in our bathroom even though the bathroom door is directly adjacent to the kitchen sink.  Everybody does it.  No biggie.everybody poops and oscar 010everybody poops and oscar 005everybody poops and oscar 006



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3 responses to “Finance? I Know, Weird.

  1. Mommy

    HA! I love that’s it’s in perfect Palmer penmanship!

  2. handrack

    um, i don’t know how i missed this one before. you are putting me to shame. i tip my hat to you. i put a feather IN your hat? cap? congratulations in terms of haberdashery, either way.

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