Katie Fay came over today and we made crafty hairpieces!  It was really fun and I made this thing that is very Kenley from Project Runway and I didn’t like her on the show but you have to admit she had great style.

The Thing Itselfhairpiece 002

I made it out of some feathers I bought at the craft store, a hair clip Katie got at the craft store, some ribbon that belonged to Katie, a vintage pin that also belonged to Katie, and some hot glue.

I really like the colors.hairpiece 001

Also, you should know that this is the first thing like this that I’ve made so I’m sure it will fall apart the first time I wear it out of the house, but it was fun and cheap to make so I figure no harm done, right?

hairpiece 003

Also don’t be surprised when I wear this a lot in New York next week.  I always feel un-stylish in New York, so I tend to overdo it on the accessories.



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2 responses to “Feathery

  1. kenley was a whiny biatch, but this non-speaking, non-stupid face making incarnation of her is indeed ADORABLE.

  2. and also please, you are going to be so babe-ing the entire time you are in ny i bet.

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