I gave Billy a haircut last night.  It’s not the first time.  The first time I did it was oh, four months ago.  And he has refused to go to Supercuts between then and now so he needed it.  Bad.  He wanted to look like Crybaby:crybaby

I wanted him to look like Don Draper or at least a normal person.  He ended up looking a little like Hitler.  Minus the ‘stache.hitlerEh.  Not a bad look.  I mean.  Obviously he was bad.  Hitler.  Obviously.  But.  The bad part of him is not his side-part.  It’s all the killing of innocent people.  Also, the ‘stache is odd.

In other, hopefully less offensive news, Billy and I are going to a fancy restaurant tonight with his parents for restaurant week in Boston.  It’s called Locke-Ober and there is a really strict dress code:

Dining Rooms: Business casual. No tennis shoes, hiking boots, athletic shoes, jeans, denim clothing, shorts or Tee shirts will be allowed in any of the common dining areas, without exception.

Without exception we are not allowed to wear Tee shirts.  Capital T motherfuckers!  They mean business.  So naturally I’m pumped.  I love dress-up.  That’s mostly why I wanted to be an actor.  I want to really overdo it tonight.  Like wear a gown.  And then be like “What?  You can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen!”  And the heat will be my ball gown and the kitchen will be Locke-Ober and I’ll be saying that to a confused old lady and then I’ll probably get kicked out for yelling.

I’ll be sure to update you tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll curl my hair!!!!!  THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN YOU GUYS!!!!!


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  1. I cut reid’s hair. luckily its mostly a buzz. I liked the pictures of cats. They look like my cats.

    please wear a gown.

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