An Ode To The Courtside

Last night Julie came through Boston on her way from New York to Maine for a long weekend holiday.  We had a lovely time eating breakfast for dinner at The Friendly Toast and drinking cheap beer at The Courtside.

An Ode To The Courtside

Oh Courtside Oh Courtside
I used to think you were a basketball bar
That focused on basketball games or something
But in fact you get your name from The Old Cambridge Municipal Court
Which lies beside you
In East Cambridge
You smell like bowling shoes and spilled beer
But Randall the bartender always gives us free pizza
And you have Big Buck Hunter
Which I suck at
But still
Oh Courtside Oh Courtside
You’re alright by me

Thank you.

In other news, the wedding planning is coming along quite nicely.  I have some anxiety about some things, mostly related to guest list.  We are trying and trying and trying to keep it small.  We can’t afford to rent a tent.  So we must keep it small.  But we love so many people!  But we must keep it small!  Oy.

The things that aren’t a problem are my dress (anymore), the cupcake plan, the flowers, the caterer.  For some reason I’m finding it is really easy to piss people off when planning my own wedding.  Why are other people pissed off?  Aren’t I supposed to be the pissed off one?  There are lots of people to please.  This only happens once!  This is once in a lifetime!  Maybe I should just have a wedding once a year so that people can’t say that anymore.  It’s just a day, folks.  Billy and I have the rest of our lives to please everybody else.

I’m excited, though.  And Billy’s letting me put him in a vest, which is fantastic.  I have such a boner for vests right now.  Delicious.  Also, the wedding party is all set.  It is made up of very supportive, lovely people who make me happy.  And also, since we had a rather crappy summer weather-wise, whenever I start to feel down about summer being almost over I feel better because that means we are that much closer to the wedding!  There is much to look forward to.  Including a tasting of food from the caterer early in September.  Wedding planning should be fun.  It’s so easy to let it be stressful.  But it is fun, in the end.


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