All The Stuff I Missed

There are lots of things about our epic weekend in Pennsylvania that I didn’t include in that post from last week because I got too tired of writing.   There was the fact that Katie is the worst navigator ever and we got lost A LOT.  And Mike has a new thing where he mispronounces vowel sounds (Katie becomes Kootie, Shoo Fly Pie becomes Shoo Floo Poo, etc).  And Billy and Mike got so creeped out in the awesome (though admittedly creepy) bed and breakfast that I had to go through all the rooms and check for ghosts under the beds and in the decorative hat boxes (see below).ghostsghosts2

I was right.  Nary a ghost.

And we talked a lot.  About poop, mostly.  And pubic hair.  But also we talked about which celebrities we would cheat on our significant others with.  And sadly, my list reads like a who’s who of hipster crushes.  I am ashamed that I’m so predictable.  Here’s my list:

1. Dave Eggers (duh)
2. Paul Rudd (duh again)
3. John Krasinski (I even bore myself.)

Billy made a list as well and it was like 20 people long.  Amy Adams, Zooey Deschanel, Kate Winslet.  All the usual suspects.  Also he loves the nerdy ones like Felicia Day and actors from nerdtastic shows like Firefly.  My favorite of Billy’s celebrity crushes, though, is definitely Sigourney Weaver.  He says she’s a “handsome woman.”  Hey Billy.  Know how I know you’re gay?Sigourney Weaver



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2 responses to “All The Stuff I Missed

  1. Mommy

    OMG! That picture of you by the bed looks just like me. When I saw it I said shit she put a pic of me on her blog. Now that’s creepy…

  2. Billy


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