You know what solves almost any bad mood?


Billy and I went to New York for the first rehearsal of my play a few weeks ago and met up with Anna for breakfast and then went to see the craft store where she works.  And I was inspired, my friends.  Anna convinced me to buy this kit for making embroidered note cards and I am obsessed.  I want to embroider note cards all hours of the day and night.  I want to do it while talking, eating, watching TV, sleeping.  I love it.  It makes me want to embroider other things.  Like my lampshade in my office at home!  I think I am going to get fringe to hang from the bottom of the lampshade and then I will embroider it with fun designs! Ideally it would look like this but in real life it will probably look like this.  I am not very good at crafting yet.  But I’m on my way.

Next project: silhouettes on fun paper in brightly colored frames to decorate my office and the bedroom!



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  1. totally awesome. Watch out you are going to be a lame SAHM who crafts like me soon. seriously… we have a group called the “crafty clique”. It is sick. I don’t think they should have let me in the group but all you had to do is sign up on google groups.

    do you have a picture of your notecards? i am trying to imagine them.. but i just see embossed golden unicorns which is what i did on notecards when i was little. I think yours are probably better.

    finally. that scary picture of the baby reminds me of ethan’s scary smile picture. check my blog… circa september 2008. CRAFTSSSSS

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