Wedding Planning Should Be Fun?

I had a dream the other night just before my alarm went off.  It was just like those dreams where you show up for a final exam for a class you forgot to attend and you don’t know any of the answers.  Except instead of it being a final exam, it was my wedding.  I showed up, wearing my dress, and nothing was what I thought it was going to be.  It was like I’d missed all the planning and my mom had done it all for me.  (No offense, Mommy, but in the dream you did a really bad job planning my wedding.)  The bridesmaids dresses were purple, per my request, but they were gauzy, long sleeved, high necked disasters.  And they were hanging from a bush.  And it was at my mother’s house.  In the driveway.  Billy was nowhere to be found.  It was terrifying.  I woke up in a cold sweat.

This is probably symbolic.  Probably something to do with how intimidated I am with the prospect of having to make so many major decisions between now and next April (May? June? October?  I don’t even really know for sure…).  But I had a quick talk with a friend of mine who is getting married this fall and she passed on quite a lovely piece of advice.  She said that the most important thing to remember while planning your wedding is to enjoy the process.  Because if you hate every aspect of planning it then having the day go smoothly won’t make it worth the year of misery.  So I decided that that’s what we need to do.  Billy and I need to have more fun with this.  We need to embrace the process.  We get to have a wedding just the way we want it.  How lucky are we?

So this Saturday we are visiting two potential ceremony/reception venues.  The first one is in Rhode Island and the second one is close to Boston.  We’ll be driving around a lot.  We will probably get worried about timing and money.  But we will make sure we have some fun, too.  Maybe we’ll get Slurpies.


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  1. Mommy

    OH God! Does this mean I have to get the driveway resurfaced?! And you know I would do a really great job of planning your wedding…

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