Everything’s Coming Up Website!

This website is rocking my world.  I am trying to buy the Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse embroidery.  Sarah has basically infiltrated my brain and created tons of graphics and embroideries and collages that I want to own.


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One response to “Everything’s Coming Up Website!

  1. Ashley

    hahaaa. wow. i love the yahoo geocities collage. I definitely had a sweet website circa 1998.

    thanks for your blog comment. I’m glad you feel the same way about commercial auditions. I just feel like this horrible pathetic loser when i go to them and “do the dance” and then i leave and I don’t get called back .. so then i’m even a bigger loser because they didn’t want me. Plus the fact that if i DID get it… i would be a fast food mascot- ugh.

    hardly your childhood dreams.

    It would be easier to walk away from if i didn’t have my mom going ” but i want to see you on tv and tell all my friends. ” I told her i was going to videotape myself and send it to her.

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