The Wayne Brady

Billy invented a new drink out of necessity.  We have had this bottle of Kahlua in our liquor cabinet for six months or so, leftover from my December birthday party.  And now that we’re moving in two weeks we need to drink as much of our old liquor as we can so we don’t have to pack it up and move it to the new place.  So Billy invented this drink and called it the Wayne Brady because it’s super funny and most likely gay.  (Also, Billy has an affinity for jokes that were once topical but are no longer of-the-moment.  It’s a little thing we like to call Irony.)

chocolate soy milk

Mix ’em up and improvise a show tune.




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4 responses to “The Wayne Brady

  1. Will

    I would call it a black russian…

  2. receptionist

    Yeah well that’s not very creative, is it? Also keep in mind it’s chocolate SOY milk. Gay. (If by gay you mean “does not cause diarrhea in the Billy/Emily household.”)

  3. Will

    you’re right, i forgot gays don’t poop… or something?

  4. Mommy

    How about the Black Gay Asian? That covers all the bases.

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