Boo Hoo Hoo

Sometimes lots of good things end up being really bad in the day to day.  Like directing Top Girls gave me the Nightly Exhaustion Weepies.  And getting engaged, while totally wonderful, is causing Billy and I to fight more than we ever have before because we both want a small wedding and I don’t want anyone to be mad at me.  And Be The Dog being accepted into the Fringe Festival in New York means I am broke and frustrated and worried all the time.  And getting into the MFA playwriting program here means I can’t up and quit my job until I’ve finished the program.

These are all the sort of things that privileged white people complain about.  Oh boo hoo.  I am able to make a small living and also do the things I love like write and direct plays.  Boo hoo.  I love my boyfriend desperately and he wants to marry me boo hoo hoo.  THIS DIAMOND IS WEIGHING DOWN MY FINGER AND THE SUN IS TOO PRETTY AND THERE’S TOO MUCH BEER!

Seriously though, the sun really has been awful pretty lately.  Billy and I have spent a couple afternoons after work walking through Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, looking at the lilacs and willows and puppies.  And laying on the grass in the sunshine.  And making honk noises at the geese.  HONK.  Life’s not so bad when you get right down to it.


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  1. Ashley

    Oh man. You make me laugh emily. Funny how silly all the “bad” stuff is when we think about it. Sounds like me when i’m PMSing… which seems to happen more than once a month now.

    i give 10 votes for a small wedding… or even eloping. Then everyone is mad but no one feels bad they didn’t get invited. Something you can think about is even having a smaller formal/reception dinner and then having like an open house with a recieving line. We did that and it worked out really well. We invited about 50 people to the dinner and 34ish showed up and then everyone else went to the open house. BTW- inviting 50 people is still a LOT of people even though it was just our families and super close friends.

    come to think of it… eloping is the best plan. Or having a mother in law that plans everything for you.

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