Majorly Important Engagement Story Post

Hello Internet.  It’s been awhile.  I’m sorry about that.  But the past is in the past and I’m here now, for you, forever.  I was really busy for the past six weeks directing a production of Top Girls at BU which went really well and is now, thankthelord, over.  I had a great group of really talented actors and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with them on such a fantastic blah blah blah.  Honestly I am glad I did it and also honestly I will never direct a play without a stage manager again, even if you paid me a million dollars, except that I probably would do it for a million dollars.  Can I get a what what from my fellow theatre artists?  Stage managers are angels sent from heaven to prevent directors having nervous breakdowns.  I had about three or four small nervous breakdowns during the rehearsal period for this show.  With a stage manager I am confident we could have cut that number at least in half.  Anyway.  The pros outweighed the cons.

Now onto more important things.  Billy and I are getting married.


I know.

Let me tell you the story.  One upon a time, last Thursday, April 23rd, year of our lord two thousand and nine, I had a day off of rehearsal so I told Billy we were going on a fancy date and that was that.  We also found out that same day that our rental application was approved for a new apartment much closer to where we both work.  Hooray!  Let’s celebrate!  We decided to go to a restaurant about a block away from the new apartment.  Billy told me he’d make a reservation for 5:30 that day because it’s a very popular place and it gets crowded.  Okay, I thought, sounds okay, why not?  So we get to the restaurant right after work and it’s pretty much empty.  Didn’t really need the reservation I suppose.  I had read a bunch of yelp reviews of the restaurant and everybody had said the service was amazing so I wasn’t that surprised that the maitre d’ and waitress were really friendly and attentive.  They seated us and we ate a really yummy meal and yadda yadda yadda now we’re engaged!  Billy had talked to the maitre d’ and got him to bring two glasses of champagne with dessert and then he got down on one knee and did the whole deal.  Some highlights in list form:

1. Billy started his proposal with “Also…”
2. We both cried
3. Some strangers we didn’t even speak to got us a gift certificate to the restaurant.  They wrote “congratulations and many years of happiness” on the card.  They left before we could say thank you.  One of those genuine random acts of kindness.  Really lovely.

Anyway, I could go into great detail and outline every moment but I’ve told the story a million times and as close as I feel to you, Internet, I guess I’ll keep this one to myself.  And 25 of my closest friends to whom I’ve already told everything.

And one more also: my play Be the Dog got accepted into the New York Fringe Festival!  Hooray!  Everything’s coming up Milhouse.  More details to come…



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2 responses to “Majorly Important Engagement Story Post

  1. World Wide Web

    The internet would like to thank you for keeping us all updated.

  2. Ashley

    Wahoo! thanks for the more indepth post. For those of us worlds away that didn’t get to hear the story. HAve fun telling it over.. and over.. and over.. again. =) I am so excited for you guys. and CONGRATS on your play bring accepted. How exciting!

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