That Girl at the Front Desk is Such a Bitch

Acgh!  I was just mean to a kid and now I feel really guilty.

Kid:  Hi.  I know you checked already but do you mind double checking for my pea coat in the lost and found?
Me:  I mean.  We don’t have it.
Kid:  Okay.  It’s just, my keys are in the pocket…
I huff and puff and walk the six inches to the lost and found cabinet and make a big show of looking for his pea coat, which is clearly not there.
Me:  Yeah, sorry, I’m pretty sure if there was a pea coat here I’d see it.
Kid:  Okay.  Thanks.
Kid exits office, forlorn.

Why must I be so rude?  I have some bad karma coming to me.  I can feel it.


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