Alright.  I know.  I’ve been bad.  I haven’t updated much lately.  There are reasons, all of them boring.  I’m too busy at work, I’m too busy after work, I don’t have the creative energy to spare to blog.  All of those excuses are BULLSHIT.  So here I am, at work, on a Saturday, blogging.  For YOU.  You’re welcome.

Also though, it does make me really happy that any of you care if I’m blogging or not.  Makes up for the self-worth I felt I lost with REJECTION NUMBER TWO (University of Iowa this time).  It’s fine.

Laura, my work study, wants to guest star on my blog.  I think she’s reading behind my shoulder.  She’s all hopped up on attention.  I just got her calmed down and a prospective student walked in and asked her again about her semester in London and she freaked out.  She was like a 2-year-old that I had just gotten to relax with a juice box and an episode of Blue’s Clues and then somebody walked in with a puppy.  It’s all over.

In other news, this is the worst blog post ever.  I’m going to end it before it goes even further astray.



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  1. Mary

    blah. who wants to go to iowa anyway? NOT YOU, EMILY RECEPTIONIST. you are way to “city chic” for corn fields.

  2. Mary

    and apparently i can’t write anymore, i meant “too” city chic…not to city chic. normally i wouldn’t notice this but i just got my 100 page thesis back covered with corrections of my grammatical errors.

    eh. grammar is for sixth graders.

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