Never Too Early For Poop

From Twitter yesterday afternoon:

eklreceptionist: Fourth youknowwhat of the day. That can’t be healthy. (Also, what do you think youknowwhat is? Kind of a Rorschach text, no? You sicko.)

Later that same day, on Gchat:

Ashley:  What’s a “youknowwhat”?
Me:  What do you think it is? Based on the context.
Ashley:  Poop?  It can’t be farts.
Me:  You were right the first time.  That can’t be healthy!  Right?!
Ashley:  I was gonna say 4 farts is SO healthy.
me:  Right it’s all about context.
Ashley:  Yeah that’s a lot of poop in one day.
Also the word poop is like a literary rorschach test.
Me:  Yeah?
Ashley:  Well it’s like the same 2 letters repeated.  If you wrote po and then folded it and blotted it it would make poop.
So there you go!  That text is soooooo Rorschach.
me:  …
You should probably go.
Ashley:  You’re just jealous you didn’t realize it before me.
Only a true white person would make that joke up.


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