Drunk Movie Reviews: Volume 3

Can’t Hardly Wait

Me:  I can’t believe you’ve never seen this movie before.
Billy:  Yeah.
Me:  So that’s Claire from Six Feet Under.  And that’s Rico from Six Feet Under.  And that’s that guy that Claire dates in one of the seasons of Six Feet Under.  Oh!  And that guy who’s licking the brownie off Claire’s face is on the first season of Six Feet Under.
Billy:  Mmhmm.
Me:  Isn’t that crazy?
Billy:  Yes.
Me:  Why aren’t you watching this more closely?  She’s just like me in high school!  She has red hair and an awkward haircut and nobody knows who she is and she’s angsty!
Billy:  I’m looking for new backgrounds for my laptop.
Me:  Remember when goggles were cool?!  This movie is HILARIOUS.
Billy:  When were goggles cool?
Me:  Jennifer Love Hewitt has ridiculous boobs.

Four stars.


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  1. can’t hardly wait is THE coolest movie

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