Dear Government,

Let’s get serious for a minute.

I have been reading these articles lately about public transportation in New York and Boston going crazy bananas and raising fares and cutting service.  Remind me, why aren’t we just raising the gas tax?  Isn’t it better for the environment to take public transportation?  Shouldn’t we be encouraging that?  Instead of encouraging people to drive more?

I don’t get it.

Yours in haste,



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2 responses to “Dear Government,

  1. Michael

    While I agree with you, I would like more disclosure on how these public transit systems generate the electrical power used to move the trains…

  2. Vicky

    Hey now,
    If public transport went anywhere near my job then I’d take it (believe me I’ve looked) but it does not (not even a bus!) so I must drive! they should not tax me because i have no other option (not even another job, stupid bad economy)

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