Just Call Me Complainy McComplains-a-lot

1. Spring forward
2. Weather
3. The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, henceforth known as the MBTA
4. Spring break

The above list illustrates the perfect storm that was this morning’s badness.

First of all, we sprang forward Saturday night.  I was in New York for the weekend visiting Nitz, Molly, Anna, Jason, Craig, Jessie, Tara, and Heather.  (Lots of my friends live in New York, whereas I live in Boston because I am an old fart.)  On Friday I stayed up way past my bedtime having drinks with friends, then going to the 24-hour fancy organic food market by Nitz’s house (one amazing thing about New York is that this place exists).  Then I got up relatively early to cook breakfast for everybody and meet Jason’s new bf (lovely).  After gorging ourselves a few of us walked from Brooklyn to Soho, poked our heads in some stores, visited a terrifying place called Evolution (skeleton of a human fetus anyone?), saw Kristian at his store, ate Borscht at a tiny diner, drank a delicious Sangria surrounded by models, saw August: Osage County (brilliant and heartbreaking), drank a bunch of wine and ate a grilled cheese, then managed to get myself back to Brooklyn in one piece where I fell into bed, once again, way past my bedtime.  Then we lost an hour in the night and I got up early to take a bus back to Boston.   I had a lot of fun, but New York basically beat me to a bloody, blistered pulp.  It can be overwhelming.  I have a blister the size of a quarter on my right big toe.  And I am exhausted.  And when I woke up this morning it was still dark out.  Because of goddamned daylight savings time.  I do not need this right now, daylight savings time!  I’m not a farmer.  I wish I could choose not to practice daylight savings time, but this isn’t Russia.  We have rules here.

Second, the weather.  Oh the weather.  Everybody in Boston complains about the weather and you know what?  That doesn’t make the weather any better.  I know.  But listen.  This weekend was GORGEOUS.  In the 60s.  Lovely.  Then I wake up this morning and it’s… wait for it… snowing.

Thirdly, this is the most boring one, but all the same, the MBTA can suck a sweaty so-and-so.  I waited for the bus at the end of my street this morning for like 25 minutes.  In the snow/slush/wintry mix.  25 minutes, dudes.  Not cool.

And finally, good ol’ Show Me Your Boobies, or as it’s known to laymen, Spring Break.  I work at a college, as you know.  Oddly we remain open during spring break, though there are no classes or activities of any kind at the university.  I suppose it’s a good time for people to catch up on things.  Great.  I, as the receptionist, have nothing to catch up on.  Hence this epic blog post.  What I’m trying to say is, it’s boring.  Very boring here.  Bo-ring.  And do you want to know the best part of all this?  Next Monday all the students will come back and they will ask me how my break was.  I think I’ll invent an elaborate vacation.  “Emily, how was your break?”  “It was fantastic.  I went on a week-long spa retreat in Laos.  Got a great deal.  Very relaxing.  How was your spring break at your parent’s house in New Jersey?”



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2 responses to “Just Call Me Complainy McComplains-a-lot

  1. Mommy

    August: Osage County. So many secrets. So much dysfunction. So much like real life.

  2. marie

    my dad’s friend owns EVOLUTION! hahaha. that place is terrifyingly awesome. i miss you! reading this makes me miss you more. remind me to tell you a story regarding painful obgyn procedures. we can commiserate:) (did i spell that right?)

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