The Loop

I get this monthly newsletter for playwrights called The Loop, edited by a playwright named Gary Garrison. In the letter from the editor this month he said all this wonderful stuff that pretty accurately summarized how I feel about being a playwright so I’m quoting him here. It’s just so spot on.

“It’s hard enough to force yourself to the computer to write; it’s hard enough to carve out the time to write; it’s hard enough to earn the money to pay the postage to mail the expensive copies of your play to an unresponsive theatre which may or may not recognize your name when you call. It’s hard enough to pay that stupid submission fee to that stupid theatre and those stupid producers who don’t understand that how paying a fee to have someone regard our art is demeaning. It’s hard enough that you have to explain to your friends/family/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend that you actually love writing, that it’s fun, that it makes you feel alive despite the fact that no one seems to care whether you write or not. It’s hard enough that we have to suffer all of that AND have to know the business? Really? Isn’t that asking too much?”

He goes on to say that it is important to know the business and that the world is changing and we have to change with it as playwrights. In summary, he’s great, his newsletter is great, and it’s free and everybody who is a playwright should sign up for it. It has new listings every month of calls for submission and contests and awards to apply for. All those stupid theatres he talks about in the above quote. But we need those stupid theatres. So anyway, if you’re interested, ask me about it and I’ll forward you this month’s newsletter and you can sign up for it too!


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