Good Deeds

I have this really large, structured purse.  It’s turquoise crocodile on the outside with bright red fabric on the inside and it is big enough to fit magazines and folders full of papers and plays and books and my water bottle and probably my laptop if I ever tried to put that in there too.  I love it dearly.  My friend Ashley bought it for me and I still haven’t even paid her back.  Also, since it is so big and structured it’s a little hard to control while riding public transportation.  It hangs off my shoulder at sharp angles and in the past two days I have hit at least three people with it, on or about the face.  I am afraid that this is going to come back and bite me in the ass karma-style at some point.  Like somebody will hit me in the face with a bag containing a bowling ball or some similarly heavy item.  Now, instead of paying Ashley back for the bag and making more of an effort to control the crazy purse corners while riding the bus I have decided that this is a good opportunity for me to Give Back to the Community.  Because if I get some better karma going then I think I can avoid the bowling-ball-to-the-face scenario.

(For the record, I don’t actually believe in karma.  Or destiny or fate or whathaveyou.  I just like giving myself a reason to do nice things.)

Possible things I will look into doing once I’ve finished rehearsals and have some extra time on my hands:

Big Sisters

Boston Food Bank

Also, maybe do some park cleanups in Roslindale?  Do they have that? You know, outdoor manual labor.  We’ll do Joni Mitchell singalongs and stab leaves with pointy sticks.  Yes!  That sounds so awesome.


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